From plates to great

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We recently collaborated with metal artist Helen Middleton to produce striking pieces from aluminium plates used in our printing process.

At Linney Regenerate, we’re always hunting for new ways to make waste wonderful – and by-products of our printing process have proved to be a great medium for one artist we recently reached out to.

Helen Middleton, an industrial designer who specialises in creating furniture, lighting and art from 100% recyclable materials, was an ideal candidate to transform these previously discarded aluminium plates – as well as some of the ink cartridges from the same process – into something remarkable.


Plates to great

Our faith in Helen truly paid off, with her creativity showing no bounds. By testing the new ‘canvas’ in various forms at her studio, she set to work on a number of concepts to bring to life.

From pencil-inspired pendant lights formed from flat aluminium and folded artwork painted on full-size plates, to lamps made from the unrecyclable ink cartridges, Helen showcased a range of pieces which we’ve put on display – and sold to raise money for local charities.

Through this collaboration, we now have even more in the pipeline for Helen to get her hands on – but we’re always looking out for fresh interpretations of creativity through our waste materials.

Plates to great


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