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Linney Regenerate

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Regenerate is our homegrown mission to make waste wonderful with imaginative recycling and repurposing projects. Visit our Linney Regenerate shop.

  • repurpose

    We combine innovative processes and traditional craftmenship to transform surplus materials into bespoke furniture, art and practicle objects. It's a circular approach to experimenting with waste products, where we use, recycle and reuse.

  • retrade

    We resell used equipment and surplus stock to raise funds for charities and community groups. To function as a business, we regularly purchase and upgrade equipment, machinery, furniture and film props. We also recycle a variety of promotional products for our clients. Regenerate re-trades these items through online marketplaces, charity raffles and other avenues - raising revenue for charity and releasing warehouse space.

  • rethink

    We advise and plan to help businesses - including our own - become more sustainable. Our combined expertise helps us support our clients with research and development, workshop facilitation, ecological design, planet friendly materials, carbon reduction, and much more. We're dedicated to supporting your commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Our target is zero waste to landfill. And in the six months since the launch of Regenerate, we’ve made a number of changes across Linney:

  • We’re exploring the possibility of installing solar panels on our buildings to help create sustainable energy to use across the company
  • We’ve helped develop a plant-based, biodegradable and compostable alternative to plastic packaging for one of our client’s critical products.
  • The off-cut paper and card from our print facility is sold to local schools and colleges at discounted rates
  • The used grounds from our coffee machines are being repurposed as fertiliser on nearby allotments and gardens
  • Used or outdated equipment is given a new lease of life via eBay, with the proceeds donated to charity

Get involved Think you can make a difference? Got a brilliant idea? Don’t hesitate to tell us about it.

If you’ve any old or unused items to donate, or you’d like to help support Regenerate, get in touch at