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ori. is a block of light with a spiralling grain to bleed warm light into the room and evolve as you move around it. Made from 100% recycled corrugated cardboard. Cut using high precision scalpel, each piece is hand made by our craftsmen in our Mansfield studio. designed in mono material to have an easy end of life transition. 

More information 

The repurpose cardboard range is a celebration of recycling. A showcase of the beautiful creations that can be made with very simple, very sustainable materials. When you buy a repurpose product you can rest assured that we have put all the work in to make sure that the product is as sustainable as possible. 


Every repurpose product has had its carbon footprint offset and we have even go so far as to offset the footprint of the bulb that is going to live inside it for the next 10 years. The only thing more sustainable is living in the dark. 


The family of lights is designed to evoke a sense of relaxation with warm tones and curious light patterns. The collection includes floor, table and ceiling lights. 

Dimensions & specification 


Warranty: 1 year 
Country of manufacture: England 
Finish:Flame retardant finish 
Colour: Brown 
Material: Corrugated cardboard
Family: Repurpose cardboard
Ceiling rose type: E27 with screw flange - Sold separately 
Bulb included:No
Product label:New
Product weight: