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Pathways to a bright future

Community spirit is part of our DNA – and our support for a local scheme that helps people with disabilities find rewarding roles in the workplace has been hailed as life-changing.

We’ve always been passionate about enriching the lives of young people through work experience placements, mentoring and internships. And we’ve donated more than £1 million to local charities, social enterprises and education providers who help some of the more vulnerable members of our community.

Rather than making our name heard, we instead quietly choose to partner with causes that reflect our values. This includes £15,000 a year over three years to support Portland College’s Pathways programme.

As one of the UK’s leading specialist colleges for people with disabilities, it links its learners and residents with businesses, helping reduce the disability employment gap in Mansfield.

Pathways aims to help individuals living with disabilities to gain employment, and to help businesses to recruit the right staff for their roles. With a focus on reducing the disability employment gap in Mansfield, this unique ‘roll-on, roll-off’ programme provides the encouragement and tools for people to excel.

Since launching the pilot, Pathways has gone from strength to strength. With 271 referrals to the service in 2019/20, the impact on our community and the local economy is clear. 

We’ve welcomed three individuals from Pathways to Linney to experience workplace life and to help us understand more about the programme’s impact.

One of our recruits, Daniel, told us: “My apprenticeship has been wonderful so far. Work has been great – the people are nice and I now have a wage and pension to boot! Honestly, your support has changed my life.”